Student and Teacher Advancement

Waterford’s school improvement plan guides the staff toward its mission, which is to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and apply skills to enhance their future opportunities.

One way Waterford achieves this mission is by implementing TAP (The System for Teacher and Student Advancement Program). Every Goshen Community School is a TAP school, which means professional development is implemented throughout the year that allows individual teachers to focus on student achievement based on their specific instructional methods. As a school, a goal for growth is created every year based on test scores from the previous year. We use the data from those tests to see what our Waterford students need in order to be more successful.

Reading with your students and talking about what you read is a great way to help your children – our children – to succeed! Every classroom teacher can suggest books for your child to help them grow, and books can be checked out from our library and the Goshen Public Library to keep your children reading!