Academic and Physical Fitness

Academic Pursuits

Teachers and students at Waterford are actively involved in constructing knowledge. Waterford teachers use proven scientific, research-based instructional practices that improve student success. Educators use best teaching practices to help students meet high expectations. In turn, students strive to meet those goals both in the classroom and during school activities.

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Healthy Opportunities

At Waterford, we are dedicated to enhancing our student’s quality of life by promoting active lifestyles through creative and meaningful participation in physical activities, health classes, and fitness experiences.

In Physical Education class the teacher strives to help children become successful in all aspects of life. He teaches kids to communicate, build positive relationships, play fair and put forth their best effort each and every day through both team and individual sports and games. Students learn the fundamentals of sports such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and football, kickball, and volleyball and play games that develop essential skills such as running, throwing, catching, balancing, hopping, and skipping. Waterford’s Physical Education classes feature many strategies to help students learn the long-term benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Many classes are offered to students annually by Waterford’s School Nurse. Topics include hand washing, dental hygiene, body hygiene, healthy heart, good touch/bad touch, growing up, first aid, bike/pedestrian safety, poison prevention, nutrition, and other classes as requested by teachers. In addition, Waterford also coordinates with the American Red Cross to offer a full day of BAT (Basic Aid Training) for all 4th graders. The nurse also goes into classrooms and exercises with students throughout the school year to keep kids moving. The activities involve music, singing, games, and physical challenges which are all designed to help our students achieve their recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise.

Rescue breathing techniques.

Rescue breathing techniques.


Do you hear something?

We Run the Halls at Waterford!

We Run the Halls at Waterford!

In 2014, Waterford was the recipient of a grant from IU Health Goshen to start an after school running club. The Run the Halls program was instituted for 2nd and 3rd graders, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The program was organized by the school nurse and teachers, paraprofessionals, GHS students, and community members donated their time to support the program. Our goal is to offer running club to other grade levels, and to operate the club twice a year.

Each spring, a school-wide exercise incentive program challenges students to complete laps around the playground’s walking track during recess. Students record the number of laps they complete each week and turn them in to the nurse, who awards prizes for achieving specific goals. The track, funded by a grant from Goshen Health Systems and student fundraising efforts, promotes exercise and self-motivation. Students can also participate in our annual Jump Rope for Heart competition through the American Heart Association which combines fundraising with our healthy opportunities intiatives.