Welcome to Waterford Elementary School

Waterford Elementary highly values excellence and learning. From grade kindergarten to grade five, students have many opportunities to grow academically and socially. Through special programs, activities and events, Waterford students experience more of academics than traditional classroom lessons.

Waterford works with parents and the Goshen community to ensure that all children learn in a nurturing, engaging and safe environment for learning and discovery. The diverse staff promotes and protects the educational environment to help all students acquire knowledge and apply skills. Waterford students enjoy the variety of activities and benefit from a diverse community and student body.

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PARENTS: With the warming weather and snow melt, areas of the playground have become a bit wet. PLEASE help us keep your children dry and comfortable by reminding them to follow our ‘no puddles’ policy!

Speaking of spring, look at the GREEN grass and ivy some of our 2nd graders noticed yesterday afternoon:

20150311_121048[1] 20150311_121113[1]


We love to incorporate fun with learning! Here are a couple of sneak peeks into some special things we do here together:

Students in Miss Dick’s class celebrated Dr. Seuss Day!


Mrs. Graber is completely in character on Dr. Seuss Day!


Students use recycled materials to make their own room cleaners!



Miss Dick serves up some Green Eggs & Ham!


Students reflect on their Seuss Day experiences in a writing project.

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For more pictures, check out our photo album!